Thousands of Collective2 trading strategies


C2BROKER lets you AutoTrade “C2” strategies commission-free. Yeah, really.


C2BROKER (“C2B”) is the first-ever investment platform to offer hedge fund ideas with commission-free trading. 

In combination with Collective2 (“C2”), the world’s largest trading strategy marketplace, we provide an end-to-end alternative investment network where U.S. customers can automatically follow (“AutoTrade”) equity and options trading strategies in their own brokerage account.

The democratization of trading has begun.  




Collective2 + C2BROKER

Welcome to an end-to-end alternative investment network
that combines a powerful trade-idea engine with no-cost execution.
Click, copy, trade…and save.

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No hidden fees, no complex pricing structures, no broker commissions.

If you have any Collective2 AutoTrade Plan and are a paid subscriber of a qualifying C2 strategy, you can connect your C2B account and pay ZERO trading commissions.  Yep, that’s it.


Need help? Want to speak to a human being? Phone, chat, email, or social – we’re here for you.  If you’re into self-help, which we applaud, please visit our help center here.

Email address:
Phone: 1-914-867-0280
Business hours: 9 a.m.  – 5 p.m. EST, Monday – Friday
Address: 2323 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612

These are the C2B FAQs, Jack!

How can we offer commission-free stock and options trading?

Our commitment to our customers is to combine trading ideas and content with low or no cost execution. Unlike another well known  broker that has raised boatloads of venture capital, which they use to pay for your commissions (for now), C2BROKER can pull off this freebie model from the simple economics of growing subscriptions, plans, and awareness over at the other side of the house – Collective2 (C2)

We believe this is a sustainable and scalable way to provide true cost savings on trading commission and fees. 

Please note, commission free trading refers to $0 commissions for C2BROKER self-directed accounts that use C2 AutoTrade technology to trade U.S. listed securities.  

What is Collective2 and AutoTrading?

Founded in 2001, Collective2 is the world’s first distributed hedge fund. Great traders across the globe ask Collective2 to track their trading results in real-time. Other investors can “subscribe” to these traders, and then automatically follow (“AutoTrade”) their trades in their own brokerage account.  

Hint: C2BROKER is a fantastic place to make this connection happen. If you use Collective2 AutoTrade technology, every time a buy or sell signal is published in a strategy you subscribe to, a trade will be placed in your C2BROKER account… automatically.

Over $75 million dollars of investor capital is linked to strategies on the Collective2 platform. For more information, please visit

Do you have a mobile app?

Not a native app just yet.  You can use a mobile browser to check positions and view most dashboard functions.  

Can a strategy subscription fee and/or AutoTrade license fees from Collective2 be deducted directly from my C2BROKER account instead of a credit card authorization?

We’re working on that and it should be available later this year. For now, though, subscription fees can only be paid via credit card on file for your Collective2 account.

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